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Mistress uses slave as human toilet


Here’s a nice femdom amateur video in which the Mistress is using her slave as a human urinal. He has a small useless cock, and she can’t hold her pee any longer. She is wearing an open crotch pantyhose, so all she has to do is squat in front of him, spread her fat pussy lips and pee over his pathectic small dick.

Useless piece of shit

Look at this useless slave. He laying on the bed wearing no pants or underwear. You can see his pathetic small dick. It’s useless. He is waiting for the Mistress. Maybe she knows what to do with him?


The Mistress enters the room and sees how is laying there. Useless prick! She is big, beautiful and needs to pee. The Mistress is wearing a leather dress and black pantyhose. She looks at him and uses her foot to kick against his useless little cock. She squats and we can see her big boobs and her pussy. The pantyhose seems to be crotchless. She is wearing leather gloves so she can safely check out his pathetic dick.

Human Toilet

What can she do with this prick? She is touches his dick. Maybe it will grow bigger? She rubs his penis with a lot of lube, and it does grow a bit bigger but it is still far from impressive. She is tired of it and gives up. She needs to wee urgently and has a plan. She gives him permission to masturbate. Then she is squatting in front of her masturbating slave and starts to use him as a human toilet. She rubs her fat pussy lips until a big pee streams comes out of her. She is pissing all over her slave. In the end he’s not fully useless. He seems a perfect human toilet. Soaked in piss he continues to stroke his little dick.

Date: August 3, 2021

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